Bogdan Radu – director of project

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Bogdan Radu is lecturer in Political Sciences and has a PhD made at University of California, Irvine in 2007, and a MA in European Policies  at University of Manchester in 2001.  His interests are related to research including both topics Compared Politics and International Relations. Bogdan Radu wrote articles published in specialized magazines on topics related to Political and Religious Values in Democracies in Transition in Central and East European countries, and in East Asia, Political Culture of Romanian youth, and on Attitudes towards the Political System. In the last year, Bogdan Radu initiated a research on Political Culture in International Relations, a theme less approached and interdisciplinary. In the Department of Political Sciences Bogdan Radu is teaching courses on Introduction to International Relations and Theories of International Relations, and a course about  Economic Development and Democratic Transition in Taiwan. Bogdan Radu is also the responsible for the MA program in International Development which started in 2000.




Daniela Angi – post-doctoral researcher 

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Daniela Angi is a researcher in the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is also a member of the Center for the Study of Democracy, a research center affiliated to the Political Science Department, since 2008. Daniela Angi has a PhD in Sociology from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences,Warsaw Poland. The chief research topic that grounded Dr. Angi’s research activity is civil society and the related issues of social capital and civic engagement. In addition, her recent research (scientific and applied) covers issues related to citizenship and various sub topic related to education (civic education, education for a democratic citizenship and structural dysfunctions of the education system, such as early school leaving).




Anatolie Coșciug – doctoral researcher 

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Since April 2014 I am a PhD student in the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology, University of Bielfeld, Germany. The research project through which I was accepted in this doctoral school is supervised by prof. Thomas Faist and analyzes migrants who are involved in the sale of secon-hand cars imported from Western Europe in the countries of origin. Since 2012, I work in the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania being involved in a research project that analyzes the relationship between migration and development in Romania. I am licensed in Political Science (2010) and I obtained a Master in Political Science (2012) at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.




Andreea Vornicu – doctoral researcher 

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Andreea Vornicu is currently a PhD student in the department of Political Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University. She helds a BA in Law and Journalism and a MA in International Development. Her research interests are related to identity conflicts, institutional design and post-conflict reconstruction, rule of law and transitional justice.




Sorana Constantinescu – doctoral researcher 

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Sorana Constantinescu is a PhD candidate in Sociology. Her research interests include implicit methodology applied in social sciences, social attitudes and gender studies.




Bianca Irimie – technician

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